5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

By Maggie Gremminger
5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

At Hilary’s we like to consider every day “Earth Day”, however we happily welcome the larger conversations that bring awareness to all things pro-taking better care of our planet.

Between using solar power energy at our production site, sourcing eco-friendly packaging materials, and supporting local farms, we believe in the power of creating change through small, everyday choices. Here are 5 ways that you can make a difference this Earth Day, or any day!

1.) Paper or plastic? (Neither!) Limit your carbon footprint by reducing paper or plastic waste, whever it may occur! Switch all of your bills and statements to electronic versions to cut back on all that wasted paper that fills your mailbox. When shopping, keep a folded resuable bag in your purse or car, so that you can skip the plethora of plastic groery bags.

2.) Join a CSA! Community Supported Agriculture programs (otherwise known as CSA’s) are a great option to support your local farmers and insert more real food into your diet. You can pay a farm ahead of time and then find yourself gifted with seasonal produce every week or so. There are many CSA’s across the country, but Local Harvest is a great starting place to find the right option for you!

3.) Try going meat & dairy free one day a week. If you are not a full time vegetarian or vegan, consider eliminating meat and dairy from your diet for at least one day a week. According to a UN Report, by observing a meat-free day, you will be helping to reduce carbon emissions, as well as reduce the global freshwater consumption. (Not to mention you will mix up your meals with new nourishing plant based recipes!)

4.) Plant something! Growing your own plants offers benefits galore. Having a garden reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, limiting pollution and giving off oxygen. Edible plants will reduce your grocery trips. Trees can help prevent soil erosion. The plant pros could go on and on!

5.) Bring a bottle. We have all been guilty of grabbing a plastic water bottle to stay hydrated when we’re on the go, but there’s a better option! According to Klean Kanteen, if Americans stopped using to-go cups, we would save 160 million cups every day. Quench your thirst, the sustainable way! (Klean Kanteen has a great 40% off Earth Day deal here!)


Maggie is the digital & social media gal at Hilary's! She lives in New York City and loves enjoying a plethora of people, places, and eateries! Some of her favorite "non-work" activities include seeing live theater, collecting puns, and watching puppies be adorable.