7 allergy-friendly lunches on the go!

By Abbi Miller
7 allergy-friendly lunches on the go!

You want to eat healthfully, and life is busy. You know that taking care of yourself will help you manage your very full life, but sometimes it gets hard to do all of the things! Add in a couple of food allergies and it’s even more hectic. The good news is that there are plenty of products and super simple recipes that are designed to keep your healthy life low-maintenance and sustainable.

Here are a few easy and healthy ideas for those looking to avoid common food allergens – quickly and deliciously. Your time-management skills and tastebuds have never been so happy!

1) Make a smoothie for later. Greens are the most commonly missing food item in western diets, so toss a handful of greens into your fruit smoothie! You won’t even taste them. If you don’t have a super strong blender, and wanna avoid the I’m-drinking-a-salad-texture, freeze your spinach or kale so they are icy and blend up, easy peasy! Pro tip → you can save your Hilary’s salad dressing bottles for smoothie storage, and make a few smoothies in the morning to add to your a lunch, or for a perfect 3pm snack. In addition to greens, you can toss in a few slices of raw beet, celery or herbs for added nutritional punch!

2) Sweet potato “unbread” sandwich or instagram-able avocado smash toast. This is an ideal sandwich for anyone avoiding gluten, yeast, or grains all together. Meet your new BFF.

3) It’s ideal to have roasted veggies around for a quick re-heat during a busy day. Don’t forget that last night’s dinner is a great option for tomorrow’s lunch! Make extra of your dinner and keep it around for a quick meal. Check out this sneaky spaghetti recipe!

4) Another lunch hack is to have the elements for a salad always prepped and ready! Then, before bed, you can quickly assemble a nommy salad (cue Hilary’s dressing!) for tomorrow’s lunch. Fave items to have prepped are: chopped kale, cooked quinoa (cook in chicken stock instead of water for more protein and gut-healing L-glutamine), roasted or grated beets, hard boiled eggs, and fresh berries and seeds.

5) Try an open-faced brekkie sammy with a Hilary’s burger, to boot. This is like a part-ay in your mouth.

6) Spring rolls are super portable and pack a delicious punch. Check out this drool-worthy Ommmega spring rolls.

7) In addition to prepping your fruits and veggies, sauces like Hilary’s dressings can help give flavor to raw ingredients. This beet hummus is a nommy option to have on hand for a snack attack or smear it on a Hilary’s!

When you have a fridge stocked with healthy goods and ready-to-go produce, you never have to feel like you’re starving yourself from the good-life. Bonus points if you let yourself enjoy food prep and cooking. Queue a funky playlist and your kitchen dance party is ready. Then, enjoy those foods mindfully, and you’re practically invincible!


Abbi Miller runs her own Holistic Nutrition and Yoga brand, sharing yoga and nutrition via one-on one sessions, retreats and workshops. She is obsessed with kale, juicy adventure and nerding out on all things healthy. She wants everyone to make friends with food, love their bodies and feel foxy. She can be found standing on her head, getting her passport stamped, or sniffing candles somewhere.  She loves a good e-high five: www.AbbiMiller.com. Instagram (@abbimillerholistic), Facebook.