8 Ways to Make Monday Less ‘Meh’

By Maggie Gremminger
8 Ways to Make Monday Less ‘Meh’

For whatever reason, it always happens. Sunday evening arrives, and with it- the building anxiety for what we all know is around the corner. Monday! (insert dramatic Psycho music here)

It’s true. Whether we want it to be reality or not, for many of us Mondays are a repeated struggle. You’ve just finished weekend time spent doing fun activities and now you’re inhaling coffee, looking at a long to-do list, and dreaming about what Friday 5:00pm will bring.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Take a proactive stab at conquering those Monday “mehs” and try one of these 8 tricks to start the week off on right foot!

1.) Buy local. Whether it’s your morning coffee or your after-work errands, consider the dollars you’re spending. Research shows that for every $100 you spend at locally owned businesses, approximately $68 will stay in the local community. When you spend that same $100 at a national chain, the community only sees about $43.

2.) Do some positive purging. For many (especially those who must use the internet throughout the day), it can be a struggle to keep the positive vibes strong amidst fearful political rhetoric and reactions to the various acts of hate. But don’t dismay! Spend a little time considering your digital space. Update your homepage to something that makes you smile. Hide posts for topics that bring you down. Make sure your online arena supports your goal of staying joyful!

3.) Join a registry. What could be more powerful than joining a registry that allows you to potentially save a life? I recently joined BeTheMatch.org and was amazed at how EASY it was to sign up. It’s a great way to remain mindful about the greater picture and how precious our lives are. There is no cost to register and I promise you, registering is truly a piece of cake!

4.) Donate clothes. You may have spend Sunday evening picking out your attire for the upcoming week. Have you noticed all those clothes you haven’t worn in months? Don’t let clothes you don’t wear take up your closet space. Instead, consider collecting  gently used items and donating them to a local community shelter. Help others dress for success!

5.) Make the most of your post-its. The typical office supply has so much potential beyond tracking your “afternoon to-do’s”. Find a quote that inspires you, jot it on a post-it and then anonymously leave it somewhere for others to see. Whether it’s simply one note, or a dozen- leaving these for strangers to find will undoubtedly put a pep in their step, which leaves you feeling equally great!

6.) Share a snack with a stranger. Depending on where you live, you may see many underprivileged community members on street corners hoping for a bit of cash or a bite to eat. There’s an easy way to be prepared! Pack some simple snacks and/or seasonally appropriate items in some prepped bags in your car or purse. This way, when you encounter someone seeking help, you can be a light to their day.

7.) Send some snail mail. There is no feeling quite like writing a hello to someone you care about. There is also, not a feeling quite like opening your mailbox to find  more than the expected bills and advertisements- but a personal card! It’s a bit old school, but the power of writing to a friend offers mindfulness in way that texts or email simply cannot. Make it a goal to send one letter a week, and aim for Monday! (I keep waiting for #snailmailmonday to become a thing!)

8.) Make a meal. We all know how beautifully food connects us all. Plan a dinner and invite a relative or friend over! As simple as it sounds, “breaking bread” is always an incredible opportunity to unplug from everything and connect with someone you care for. Also, since it’s Monday- try a Meatless Monday themed meal! (Our recipe page has plenty of tasty inspirations!)


Maggie is the digital & social media gal at Hilary's! She lives in New York City and loves enjoying a plethora of people, places, and eateries! Some of her favorite "non-work" activities include seeing live theater, collecting puns, and watching puppies be adorable.