A Week’s Worth of Allergy Friendly “Kid-Approved” Lunches

By Megan Faletra, MS, MPH, RDN
A Week’s Worth of Allergy Friendly “Kid-Approved” Lunches

When you have a child with food allergies lunches can be hard, and also the most stress inducing meal of the day since it typically is the one meal that will always be eaten away from the house. But, as you know when you have a child with food allergies a lot of the typical “kid-approved” lunch options go out the window.

Luckily, here at Hilary’s we are passionate about making allergy-friendly meals easy, convenient, and delicious enough for even the pickiest kids to enjoy. We work hard to create delicious, convenient recipes that are only made with whole food ingredients, and are formulated with busy families, and picky children in mind.

We know that coming up with enough creative ideas that your kids will eat, and are also healthy for them is hard enough even without food allergies in the picture. That is why we touched base with our food allergy focused registered dietitian Megan Faletra (MS, MPH, RDN) to help us come up with a weeks worth of delicious, healthy, balanced lunches that you can feel confident your child with food allergies will enjoy, and won’t want to trade for their friends sandwich at the lunch table.

While you may not be able to mimic exactly what some of your child’s friends or siblings may be eating, it is possible to prepare fun allergy friendly lunches for your child with food allergies that are just as delicious as the other non-allergy friendly options. This means that your child will feel really excited about their meal, and wont feel like they are eating something that is less exciting then their friends.

These options below are all free of the most common food allergens, and are made with kids in mind. They are also full of healthy nutrients, and perfectly balanced to help support your child’s growth needs.

What is great about all of these lunch options is that they don’t scream “allergy friendly” and are just as delicious as all the other non-allergy friendly options out there – if not more delicious. This means that your child with food allergies can enjoy them and anyone else in your family, which we know in today’s busy world, will only make your life easier. We know that food allergies can sometimes be tough to manage, which is why at Hilary’s, we are happy to do our part to make it simpler and more delicious for you and your family everyday.


Megan Faletra, MS, MPH, RDN, is a integrative dietitian, food-allergy specialist, and founder of The Well Essentials, a sustainable healthy living brand dedicated to empowering people to change the way they choose to consume to support a healthier body and planet. Megan also runs a virtual nutrition counseling practice from Boston, MA where she works to help improve her clients health and relationship with food through personalized nutrition counseling. She has been featured in countless publications including: Forbes, Rodales Organic Life, The Huffington Post, and many more. When she is not working you can find her traveling, hiking, doing yoga, and cooking something up in the kitchen…her favorite room in the house.