10 Tips to Stay Body Positive

10 Tips to Stay Body Positive

We each have a distinctly unique relationship with our bodies. At Hilary’s we do our best to help you feel good in your body by promoting foods that nourish. But even when some aspects of your health feel strong, it can be difficult to maintain a confident body image. Here are 10 Tips for Staying Body Positive.

1.) Create an affirmation.

Beginning your day with an affirmation can be a sure fire way to ground the day in positivity and motivation. Browse the internet for a favorite or even construct your own. (Here is an example of an affirmation I wrote. I’ve posted it in the bathroom to recite each morning before brushing my teeth.)
“Today I hold ownership over the choices I make.
My body is a temple.
My mind is open and curious.
My heart is warm and kind.
I welcome this day. I welcome this life.
And I will live.”

2.) Stretch It Out.

Stretching isn’t just beneficial before and after a workout. By taking time at the beginning and/or end of your day to stretch, you grant yourself the opportunity to listen in on how your body is feeling. You’ll also be improving your flexibility, which is a big benefit for feeling agile and energized throughout the day.

3.) Set (realistic) goals

Goals come in all shapes and sizes, from the major lifestyle changing weight loss goals, to the smaller goals like increasing daily veggie consumption. Whatever hopes you have for your body, set it up for success by being realistic with yourself. What daily alterations can you make that help reach your goal? How will you measure and track your successes and struggles along the way? Setting goals can help avoid feeling discouraged and also remind you of what you are accomplishing.

4.) Don’t fall into the comparison trap.

The media spends great energy selling images of ideal bodies to us. Social media can become a land of envy for what others have, look like, and experience. It’s only natural to catch your inner dialogue comparing yourself against the world. But don’t let it get too far. Be your own biggest ally. Mark Twain said, “Comparison is the death of joy”, and you deserve joy!

5.) Hide Your Scale.

Do you stand on the scale daily? If so, have you ever paused to ask yourself why? While scales can absolutely be a tool of measurement and a source of motivation, they can also be misused to become dangerous downers. It can be tempting to rely on scales for instant feedback towards your physical goals, but they should be used as just one tool in the greater picture.

6.) Don’t give the size power

Every time you shop for clothes, you probably notice that size guidelines vary store to store. Whether a dress size or the vagueness of a S/M/L/XL label, it is all simply confusing. So why should we give power to the small number on the inside tag of our jeans? Refocus your energy on how the clothing can be a vessel for your kick ass self esteem to shine through! When you feel good in what you’re wearing, you look good!

7.) Take the positivity to the pantry.

It may sound simple, but try a pantry cleanse. What you keep in your fridge and cabinets should be in direct support of your health goals. Sure, we all have our indulgences (in moderation), but if your pantry consists of an overwhelming amount of processed, sugary junk- you may have a harder time feeling the good body vibes. Extend this awareness to your grocery lists and let small changes play a big role in feeling energized and happy.

8.) Pick up a book.

Let’s face it, it’s tiring to be your own health cheerleader day-in, day-out. It’s also a rarity in this digital age to prioritize reading things from a source other than a tablet or smartphone. Enter: good ol’ fashioned books. Find a book that supports your goals and dreams and let it serve you bits of motivation when you can’t deliver to yourself.

9.) Keep taking steps.

Remember tip #3? Well setting goals, and executing goals can be a challenge. But progress is progress. Don’t undervalue the accomplishments made along the journey, and keep going. Every step you take matters.

10.) Forgive Yourself.

We can be cruelest to ourselves. Perfection is not obtainable so don’t set your own expectations that high. You’re bound to make mistakes, and heck- you may even repeat those mistakes a few times, but it’s ok. You are allowed to forgive yourself and show yourself kindness. This is your beautiful body and your beautiful life. Care for it, and let it take care of you.



Maggie Gremminger is the digital & social media gal at Hilary's! She lives in New York City and loves enjoying a plethora of people, places, and eateries! Some of her favorite "non-work" activities include seeing live theater, collecting puns, and watching puppies be adorable.