The Spicy Red Burger

The Spicy Red Burger

• Gluten free bun
• Hilary’s Adzuki Bean Burger
• Grape Tomatoes, halved
• Mild Salsa
• Sriracha Vegenaise
• Chile pepper, cut up
• Red Pepper, cut up


1. Spoon Vegenaise and sriracha into a bowl. Add a little sriracha, taste. Repeat until desired heat. Mix until thin consistency. Set in fridge for 5 minutes.
2. Heat gluten free buns in toaster or grill in pan with burger.
3. Assemble ingredients in order: Sriracha Vegenaise, red pepper, Hilary’s Adzuki Bean Burger, salsa and cut up chills, grape tomatoes, Sriracha Vegenaise.
4. Enjoy!