Vegan Sausage Unicorn Biscuits

Vegan Sausage Unicorn Biscuits


- 2 gluten free English muffins, toasted

- Hilary’s Spicy Veggie Sausage

- Fresh berries, cut up

- Unicorn Spread: Vegan Cream Cheese Spread (We used Kite Hill!)

- Superfood Powders: Turmeric, Beet or Pomegranate, Spirulina, Wheatgrass and/or Strawberry.



1. First, choose how many powders you will be using. You can use just one powder and achieve a unicorn look by creating different concentrations of powders to create a gradient effect or choose several to create a dreamy masterpiece!

2. Mix about 1 tablespoon of cheese with a pinch of powder. Keep adding powder by the pinch until you get your desired color. Taste between adding more powder - they have strong flavors and too much can alter the flavor!

3. Pro-Tip: If consistency is too thick or dark, add 1 tablespoon of water to thin it out and blend well until smooth and creamy.

4. Feel free to pick and play, mixing the colors together to get what you are looking for -- kind of like watercolor paints!

5. Once your colorful spreads have been created and distributed into small bowls, the biscuit sandwich assembly can begin! Have fun!