Choose Your Own Adventure Breakfast Bowls

By Megan Scott
Choose Your Own Adventure Breakfast Bowls

Mix up your breakfast routine with creative, colorful, nourishing bowls!

Do you ever sit down to your bowl of morning oatmeal and wish there was an easy way to liven things up? Do you want to try something new but find it a little hard to get those creativity juices flowing first thing in the AM? We’ve got you.

With this handy chart, you can dress up your warm, satisfying bowl of whole grains every day of the week. Simply print and post on the fridge for instant ideas. You’ll never feel stuck with a boring breakfast again.

How to best use this chart: Select one item from each column. Prepare the grain as directed, adding your choice from the “Surprise me!” column as the grain cooks. After cooking, stir in your preferred sweetener, then top with fruit and your pick from the “Crunch” column. Summertime? Any of the grains can be cooked ahead of time and chilled for a cold breakfast.

To get you started, here are a few pairing ideas we love:

  • Buckwheat→ Pumpkin puree→ Maple syrup→ Golden raisins→ Pumpkin seeds
  • Quinoa→ Coconut cream→ Honey→ Raspberries→ Toasted coconut
  • Millet→ Grated beets→ Chopped dates→ Avocado→ Hemp seeds


Your turn!

We’d love to see and share your creations. Snap a pic of your favorite combo with #chooseyourownadventure #breakfastbowl @hilaryseatwell


Megan’s abiding passion is culinary arts. Her career in food began on a small farm, transitioned to extensive food and cooking research, and finally led her to working for the iconic cookbook, the Joy of Cooking and with natural food brands across the country in her role at HEART: Creative Culinary Agency.