Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Products

What are your allergen protocols?
How does Hilary’s ensure the ingredients they source are Top 12 allergen free?
Are Hilary’s products vegan?
What does it mean that Hilary’s is Top 12 allergen free?
Have you used coconut oil before and isn’t it a nut?
Do you offer coupons?
What does it mean to be a B Corp?
How can I learn about partnering with Hilary’s?
Are you hiring?

Where To Buy

Where can I find Hilary’s products?
What should I do if my local grocer does not carry the product or flavor I want to purchase?

Orders + Shipping

I want to buy the product, but you won't deliver to me. Why not?
What areas are eligible for online ordering?
What are your shipping policies? 
Is your shipping process eco-friendly?
How do I handle my order when it arrives? 
What if my product seems to be thawed out upon arrival?
Can I pay extra for overnight or extended region shipping?
Why am I unable to create a mixed case with various products and flavors?
I'm not sure if I want an entire case. Will you ship me just a few boxes?
Why do you only ship Monday - Wednesday?
What is your refund or return policy? 

Get In Touch With Us

If you have a question about our products, a suggestion for us, or just want to drop us a line, fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Our Customer Service Team is available Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Standard Time.